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maryland terps pulled off an incredible feat. fans, as you can see, rushed the court and took to the streets to celebrate the men's basketball victory over second ranked duke. the rivalry went even sweeter tonight given the fact it's most likely the final a.c.c. matchup between the two teams. before maryland makes the switch to the big ten. we will have much more on the hard-fought win in college park coming up later in sports. >> our big story tonight is an emotional one. mourners filled a high school auditorium this afternoon to remember a young math teacher from carroll county. he was killed in a car accident on his way to work earlier this week. 11 news reporter sarah sampson has more. >> devin spence's family describes him as boisterous and a friendly, caring teacher. school administrators say he was a dynamic educator who connected easily with students but no matter how you put it, judging by today's turnout, he
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was clearly a favorite of many. 23-year-old devin spence had only been teaching at manchester valley high school for over a year. for the students he taught, his influence will last a lifetime. >> he's awesome. he's more than a teacher. he was like my best friend. just great. look forward to his class every day. >> he was amazing. he knew not only what it was like to be a teacher but what it was like to be a student. he could understand what the students needed. >> early monday morning the officials say his car collided with a bus taking a group of students to school at pennsylvania. he died at the scene. officials say icy conditions may have contributed to the crash. saturday afternoon their loss was still raw, hundreds of students, colleagues, friends and family packed the school to remember the young math teacher. school administrators say his parents reached out to them for the idea of holding a memorial here to give the school
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community devin loved so much a chance to grieve. >> as much of a loss we feel for ourselves, we feel a loss for this school and this community as well. >> spence's parents, margey and michael, say they knew even when devin was young he had a future as an educator. >> he was a natural. i told him when he was very young he had the gift with kids because his brother has a disability and he was so good with chase. >> according to his obituary, spence supported the special olympics and anything to do with special education in honor of his brother with special need. his family says he had a close bond with all three of his siblings. >> you could talk about anything. we were all like best friend. >> and one look around the manchester valley auditorium, it's clear devin spence was the type of person that a lot of people consider a friend. >> if he had lived, he would have blazed a trail that would have affected so many lives in years to come. and for that we are sorry.
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>> spence graduated from winters mill high school in 2007 and later from to you -- from towson university and also ran a private tutor company. 6 >> a real loss. officials believe ice may have been a factor in the crash. winter weather caused plenty of slippery roads. we haven't seen much accumulating snow this winter season, definitely nothing close to the snowfall the northeast saw last weekend and begs the question, is our water supply hurting? it doesn't seem like it, the three reservoirs across the state are measuring at 100% capacity, holding close to 76 billion gallons of water. meteorologist john collins joins with us a closer look at this situation. >> as far as snow is concerned, we're a little short on the season and we're used to that because last year we were way short on the season. let's put out some numbers and give you an idea what's going on. we're 10 inches short on snow this winter season which
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started in december and we had 4.8 inches of snow since that time. but when you're talking about water supply, it's more important about the amount of water, not the amount of snow. we've had 7.87 inches of precipitation and is a little bit short but less than a 1/4 inch short which isn't that significant. if you go to september and total it up, we had 19.71 inches of water. that's a surplus of 1.09 on the seasonal average and is ahead of game in six months worth. we do have a pattern here as might be demonstrated over the next couple weeks or so. the weather pattern will be rather active with several opportunities to pick up some rain or snow or a nor'easter or something along those lines. >> don't close the carpenter yet? >> no, absolutely not. we're doing ok waterwise. >> all right, thank you. the north point flee -- flea
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market is shut down as investigators look for counterfeit merchandise. the investigation has been underway several months but culminated today as 16 warrants were served. in addition to counterfeit movies, detectives found products with counterfeit brand names like apple, north face and ugg. the investigators have confiscated the merchandise. the first of what is expected to be a wave of lawsuits filed by a texas passenger from the ill-fated ship the triumph. carnival cruise line is apologizing for the terrible conditions onboard after the engine fire left the ship without working toilets for four days and are offering free cruises but paying up in court may be a different matter altogether. >> shortly after the carnival triumph docked in mobile, alabama, the first lawsuit was filed in miami's federal courthouse. >> it's about making sure passengers in the future don't
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have to be subjected to these hellish conditions. >> this lawyer represents a texas woman who claims carnival was negligent before and after a fire crippled the vessel off the yucatan peninsula with no power, running water or working restrooms, the lawsuit says the ship turned into a floating toilet, a floating hell. still, winning will not be easy. passengers sign away many of their rights before getting onboard. >> there's a contract they call it which basically is your ticket. how many passengers read the small print on the back of a ticket? >> the cruise line apologized for the terrible conditions, offering passengers full refunds, travel expenses and a free cruise, though many passengers are upset with carnival, they're praising employees aboard the ship. >> i got to tell you, the crew was fabulous, fantastic. >> because triumph is registered in the bahamas, that country is leading the
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investigation, with the u.s. national transportation safety board in a supporting role. passengers who survive this misadventure are waiting to hear whether carnival triumph's fate was bad luck or an accident that could have been prevented. . >> the skies fell and now it's time to pick up the pieces. the officials release an estimate by how much damage was caused by friday's meet right -- meteorite strike. how to make the switch to green energy and bundle your green this presidents' day
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>> every bride to be knows finding the right dress can be one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. this weekend the brides against breast cancer tour stopped in downtown baltimore with a thousand designer brand name wedding dresses on sale at a huge discounts and is a great
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sale at a great cause and the tour stops in 100 cities every year and raises an average of $20,000 to $30,000 a show with a huge portion going to the fight against breast cancer. >> 1% of our proceeds -- 71% of our proceeds goes to those impacted by cancer offering free detection and prevention classes or programs. >> if you missed this weekend's show, the next stop on the tour will be richmond, virginia, and that's next weekend. >> in tonight's consumer alert, you probably noticed the prices at the pump are on the way up. triple-a places the national average at $3.69 for a gallon of regular, that is up 11 cents from just last week and 40 cents from a month ago. analysts are blaming the usual culprit, the rising price of oil. the average prices across maryland are a bit under the national average, holding around $3.67 but that is still a seven cent jump from this time last year. but there is one way to save a
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few dollars on energy costs. this weekend b.g.e. is trying to help with shop maryland energy weekend and not only customers can save with the savers program but all energy star products are tax free. >> this is a great opportunity for our customers who want to purchase energy efficient appliances and lighting to combine our rebates that are available year-round with this tax free weekend. it allows them to save a tremendous amount of money on those appliances so they're not only saving money while they're heating and cooling their homes but saving money shopping for appliances as well. >> if you can't make it out this weekend those smart energy rebates are good all around but you have to pay the tax. john collins joins us and we'll crank up the heat the next couple days. >> a cold front went through yesterday and now a coastal storm is developing. so the question is, how close to the coast? the forecast is coming up in a
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minute. there is snow east of the bay but here cloudy and 33 at the airport.
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>> covering the world tonight, the family of oscar pistorius speaks out about the charges
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facing the paraolympian. he was convicted of killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. it brought the courtroom to tears. in south africa, the loved ones are say the accusations of premeditated murder are unfounded. >> there's no doubt here, there's no substance for the litigations. and that the state's own case, including its own forensic evidence strongly refute any possibility of premeditated murder. >> the family said oscar pistorius was numb with shock and grief and he and steenkamp had become very close since starting to date several months ago. widespread cleanup in the russian town where the meet right slammed to earth and blew out window in 4,000 window causing injuries to 1,100 people. the townspeople promised to
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have the window fixed within a week but could be a problem, the town is located in one of the coldest parts of the world. high temperatures this part of the world is 10 degrees. that's the high. the scientists believe the meteor was traveling 19 miles a second and the damage is stiment around $33 million. covering the nation, authorities say snowstorms are to blame for this multicar pileup in michigan. damaged cars covered the interstate southwest of detroit earlier today, one of several accidents around the detroit area. no word at this time whether anyone was injured. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> this morning we had some snow around the area and the cold front went through. it's now pushed out to sea. and now the storm is developing offshore and it's kicking some snow back. it's been rather persistent on the eastern shore. right through the evening hours, beginning to show signs of thinning out a bit. it's been mostly a little snow.
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not much accumulation except around st. mary's county. a few little snow showers and fluries and that's about it to the west. we haven't had much precipitation today, temperatures not nearly as warm as yesterday when we were way up around 60 degrees or so. 37 was the high today and 34 was the low. earlier this morning, although we're getting colder than that now, we're about a degree colder so that's the new low, 33, that just came in and didn't have time to change that. the typical high this time of year is 45 degrees. we're either below it or above it. precipitationwise, in baltimore what we got today was a rain early this morning and then it did convert to snow but only trace amounts in baltimore, maybe an inch north of us. .4 of an inch of liquid fell and we're a little below normal on the month but as we were talking a few minutes ago when we look at six months' worth we're above the game on precipitation. 35 in annapolis, cambridge 34
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and the boardwalk is just above freezing and dropped in the 20's in westminister and in the 20's in far western maryland and about to drop to the teens, an indication of colder air just waiting to come in. here's the satellite image. we see a lot of clouds and some crazy configurations over the water. that's this new storm developing out there. we have a shield of clouds over us but it's clearing out in far western maryland and why their temperatures are dropping. the front that went through is now kind of redeveloping into this offshore storm which is going to kind of travel up towards nova scotia and throw the snow back along the eastern seaboard so it will affect new england. much more so than it will affect us here in the mid atlantic region and in the mid atlantic will affect area east of the bay and should taper off tonight. coming in behind it, a rush of very cold air and difference of pressure between the lows and highs will cause some windy conditions, so even though we expect highs tomorrow to be, you know, in the 30's, it won't
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feel like it and will feel much colder, 25-29 the low, mostly cloudy skies with a flury or two. north west winds at 7-12 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, the tulare temperature will be in the mid 30's on average but with those winds gusting over 20 and possibly up around 30 or so, it will feel like the teens to around 20. wind and snow showers along with those clouds, the mix of clouds and sun so it won't be a totally overcast day but we could see snow showers, just a dustup, nothing more than that, maybe just flurries. small craft advisories on the bay. it's a three-foot chop on the open waters of the bay. the insta-weather futurecast, this is spinning here and pushing snow against us. the eastern portions of new england get it before it pulls away. during the afternoon and early evening, on sunday we could pick up a couple fluries or snow showers in our area in the strong northwest winds.
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to finish out the presidents day weekend, highs tomorrow and monday will be in the 30's and a raw day tomorrow with all the wind and maybe a snow shower or flurry or two. presidents' day itself or washington's birthday, if you prefer, it looks dry. rain chances tuesday and warming to near 50 and 40 wednesday and thursday, friday and saturday with more precipitation, more of a mix. >> thank you. many people in the city have no place to go when the temperatures drop and that's where our next story comes into play. tonight marked the fifth annual open hearts ball which raises money for the hearts place homeless shelter and the evening featured a auction and dueling deejays and live music. people say fundraisers are vital to charitable services like those provided by heart's place. >> it's important because so many programs like this are losing their support and it is something that brings the community together and think it's a really good time and people can see it can really make a difference even though they're just a citizen.
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>> tonight's event was especially important because heart's place shelter is in the middle of a transition. the organization plans to change its name to heart's place services. maryland took on second ranked duke tonight in the college park nail-biter. a look at how the terps managed to knock off the blue devils in their final meeting as a.c.c. foes next in sports. >> good evening, america. welcome to your favorite game. that's right. it's time for powerball. tonight's estimated jackpot is up to $60 million. so let's get out our tickets and play powerball. your first number for tonight is 58. followed by the number 16. and a big congratulations to
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antonio desilva from massachusetts, the winner of $1 million. your remaining numbers are 15-46-and that last number is going to be 50. now, remember, if you match this powerball number, you always win and that number tonight is 29. >> let's take one more look at our winning numbers. thanks for joining us this evening and good luck.
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>> now 11 sports. >> for possibly the last time as members of the a.c.c., maryland-duke collided tonight in college park. the terps looking for a big win to help their chance to dance at this year's ncaa tournament. they came out firing, upsetting the second ranked blue devils 83-81. the terps again struggled with turnovers in this game but outrebounded duke by 21 and got to the free-throw line 34 times. center alex len led the terps with 19 points and also shut down duke's center mason plumlee who had a season low four points after leading at halftime by one. maryland went on to lead to double digits before duke came back at 81 with 17 seconds
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left. on the next possession, seth allen drove to the basket, drew a foul and made both free-throws to give the terps their first victory over duke since 2010. >> in local men's basketball action, towson helded off hosta to hold their 10th conference win of the year while morgan state defeated maryland eastern shore with five members scoring in double digits. johns hopkins blue jays defeated towson with four goals from brandon ben and the terps took on harford and maryland was propeled to their second win of the season and travel to loyola for a rematch of last year's championship game. the orioles began workouts in sarasota to begin the success they found in 2013 and for that to happen they'll need the bullpen to perform as superbly as last season. luis isella pitched great and
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the pen ranked third. the orioles will bring back their entire bullpen this season. >> we are really familiar with the guys in the bullpen. we shot it pretty well and it's fun having the same teammates, the same guys and also even better when you know all those guys can pitch. we all can help the team. no matter the role. >> also tonight, the baltimore blast honored the military at the arena with army night hosting the wichita wings, donning cameo jerseys in front of the fans at the arena. the blast doubled up wichita 12-6 and baltimore got two goals apiece from meyers and lucas loke to win their fifth victory and close out the regular season hosting milwaukee next saturday in baltimore. stay with us. john has another check of the 11 insta-weather plus forecast.
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>> windy and cold tomorrow, 35 for the high, maybe a snow shower. monday dry. it's still chilly and tuesday some rain. >> glad you were here. always glad you're here. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow for sunday morning. have a great night. hello, hello, everyone. hi. >> welcome back. welcome back to the fiesta ballroom here on carnival cruise

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